Our Summary Of Governor Snyder’s Message

Simple, Fair and Efficient – is what Governor Snyder stated his plan was for business development in Michigan.

The proposed $1.5 billion reduction in business taxes will, once adopted, promise a new level of economic stability for business. Many self-employed, entrepreneurs and corporate executives will all now be able to operate their businesses with an easy calculation of their state tax liabilities. For those in economic development, this change removes a barrier to business expansion discussions that has long hindered their ability to sell to the state.

It is predicted that Michigan will again become a leader in economic development and no longer be viewed among the nation’s high-tax locations. We believe a great place to consider is Huron Township, Michigan.

Local and regional partners will also be central to Michigan’s fully-engaged core community redevelopment initiative. This is vital to a new statewide talent attraction and retention strategy. Michigan hopes to retain it’s young people by providing vibrant city centers they thrive in.

Driven by the leadership, insights and inspiration detailed in Governor Snyder’s Budget speech, it is projected that through business tax reduction, engaged community redevelopment and education, economic growth can be attained for the businesses and people of Michigan.

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