LDFA Assists Recycling Firm with Relocation to Huron Township

Because of assistance received for the Huron Township LDFA, GLR (Great Lakes Recycling Company) has been up and running now for two years . The process started in 2008 with the purchase of 19.7 acres in the LDFA region. The commission was created in order to assist developments with relocation in Huron Township. GLR is Michigan’s leader in procurement and marketing of secondary commodities offering recycling solutions for most every industry and business type. They have four major recycling divisions currently handled at the Huron plant including: Commercial metal, Commercial paper, Commercial plastic/foam and Computer/Electronics. Collectively they process over 175,000 tons of recyclable material a year.

“This is an excellent example of the type of businesses that are a perfect fit for our community,” said LDFA chairman RP Lilly. “We continually strive to attract more environmentally sound business practices to our beautiful Township.

Jim DiMarco, Partner and Project manager for Great Lakes Recycling, worked closely with the Township and the LDFA to get his development up and running. “It was a pleasure working with “Sturg” otherwise known as Tim Sturgill, a LDFA member in 2008.” Said DiMarco. “He made it turn- key for us to get funding, installation of utility lines, roads, and water and sewer lines.” DiMarco also indicated he has managed many projects for his company and working with the LDFA, “Sturg” and R.P. Lilly was one of the most congenial experiences he has had.

Chairman Mr. Lilly also stated, “we want developers to know about all the benefits they can take advantage of when they move into an LDFA zone and I do think we have a great group of individuals that have stepped up to help take our district forward into the future.”

For more information visit the web site https://www.hurontwpldfa.com , http://www.twitter.com/hurontwpldfa.

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