Alternative Energy Options For Huron Township Business

In Michigan, green is the new gold. The MEDC ( Michigan Economic Development Corporation) is also looking at creative incentive packages custom tailored to create the right environment and bring together the right players to advance the way the world is powered.

Michigan is specifically focusing on the development of state and nationwide markets for such alternative energy sources as:
• Bioenergy
• Wind Generation – Wind Energy
• Hydro-Electricity
• Advanced Energy Storage – Advanced Batteries
• Solar Cells – Solar Energy

Alternative Energy companies in Michigan may be eligible for Michigan tax credits. To be eligible, a company must first be certified as “Alternative Energy.”

Whether you are a manufacturer looking to diversify your base of production or a company with a current or potential patent on the next iteration of alternative energy technology, Michigan is ready to give you the Upper Hand. Vice President, Joe Biden recently announced 1Billion is set aside for Michigan.

Take a look at how the 21st Century Jobs Fund program is building capacity in the Michigan alternative energy market space. These incentives coupled with on-site incentives from the LDFA in Huron Township are sure to be a win-win for any environmentally friendly enterprise. We welcome your business to Michigan!

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