Governor Rick Snyder moved into office with an entrepreneurial mindset. His State of The State has once again given hope to businesses in Michigan.

Governor Snyder said “A key step in moving Michigan forward is the setting of clear, measurable goals that serve as a catalyst for positive change.” The governor unveiled a website that lets officials and the public gauge Michigan’s progress. The Michigan Dashboard, which is available online at shows the status of progress in meeting objectives that impact economic growth, education, public health and safety, value for taxpayer dollars in government, and overall quality of life.

“The State of the State will from now on be a report card of where we are as a state,” Snyder said. “It will be a realistic assessment of where we are improving, where we are not improving and what we need to do to move forward.”

Snyder also explained specific steps he is taking, such as reorganizing state government around purpose rather than function. That includes refocusing its economic development efforts to better support local and regional initiatives. To help reverse the brain drain that hampers Michigan’s ability to attract high-tech industries, the Department of Civil Rights will develop initiatives to encourage immigrants with advanced college degrees to move to Michigan.

“Every farmer and manufacturer in the state can tell you why it is important to have world trade. This new bridge will create jobs, strengthen our economy and help establish Michigan as a hub for global commerce,” Snyder said as he explained he would support plans to build another bridge to Canada.

He also announced his budget recommendation will include $25 million to keep funding the successful “Pure Michigan” tourism advertising campaign.

Many like the fact that he is going to run the State like a business. We’re hoping with a lean, mean government there will be “profit” left over to continue investing in new ventures for our Great Lakes homeland.

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