Access To Capital!

There are many funding and grant opportunities and ways to access capital for new business. When gathering data to be considered for funding, here are some ideas to make sure you are well prepared. Contact the Huron Township, MI LDFA if you need additional assistance.
Suggested Guidelines for Investment Proposals
Investment proposals should cover the following key areas.
1. Company Information
• Name
• Name of company contact
• Address, email, telephone number

2. Market Information
• Noteworthy trends in target market
• Description of market need to be met, together with any supporting data
• Description of customer to be served
• Size and growth rate of target market
• Customer validation to date for proposed product
• Major competitors in target market (indicate those which have received venture financing)

3. Product Information
• Description of product
• Status of product development and projected timeline to market
• Intellectual property/patent portfolio
• Cost/benefit analysis compared to competitors’ validation of the technology

4. Management
• Relevant experience and detailed biographies of key participants in management
• Relevant experience and detailed biographies of members of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board(s)

5. Financial Information
• Provide five-year (or less if applicable) historical revenues and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA)
• Provide five years of forecasted revenues and EBITDA
• Indicate how much financing will be required to fund that forecast, how much being sought in this round and any fundraising activities completed to date

Once you have your information prepared, check this web site where they have compiled a list of sources for capital funding that can be used when relocating to Huron Township,Michigan:

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