Michigan Manufacturers Association Supports Governor Snyder’s 2015 Budget recommendations

News Release: MMA
The Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) praised Governor Rick Snyder on his Executive Budget Recommendation delivered Wednesday, Feb 5, 2014 at a joint meeting of the Senate and House Appropriations Committees.
“Governor Snyder highlighted that Michigan continues to lead the nation in manufacturing job growth,” said MMA President and CEO Chuck Hadden. “We believe his budget will help continue the upward momentum that has already seen more than 100,000 new jobs created in manufacturing since 2009.”

To help address the talent challenge, Governor Snyder continues to support developing a pipeline of skilled workers by including $165 million dollars for skilled trades-related training and education. This investment addresses engineering talent, skilled trades initiatives and automotive and manufacturing technology training vital to filling the thousands of manufacturing job openings.
The Governor’s ongoing support for education will result in a $1 billion increase in state education funding since 2011. Education is key to our state’s increased economic competitiveness.
MMA applauds the $120 million contribution to the Budget Stabilization Fund which brings the total Rainy Day Fund to $700 million. These contributions to long-term savings are critical in reducing state operating costs by helping increase Michigan’s bond rating.
Governor Snyder’s leadership in addressing the decaying transportation infrastructure in Michigan is important and his budget dedicates $245 million to this growing problem.
MMA also appreciates the Governor’s commitment to environmental protection. The increased General Fund support for programs such as the Hazardous Waste Management Program will help ensure protection of the environment while increasing our state’s competiveness.
“Governor Snyder’s budget provides a balanced and responsible plan to continue to encourage economic growth,” said Hadden. “We believe this budget moves Michigan forward and will continue to increase our competitiveness while supporting the security of our communities.”
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