Michigan Manufacturers and Manufacturing in the U.S. trending upwards


      Michigan manufacturing employs 498,000 and makes up 12.7 percent of non-farm employment.

     Manufacturers average an annual salary of $76,124. This salary is $24,719 more than the average salary for the rest of the work force.

    Manufacturing contributes 68 million, or almost 21 percent, to the state of Michigan gross domestic product in 2008.   
    Producing 21 percent of global manufactured products, the United States is the world’s largest manufacturing economy.
    The second largest manufacturing economy: Japan at 13 percent, followed by China at 12 percent.
     In 2014, Manufacturing in the United States generates about $1.6 trillion, or 12 percent of our Gross Domestic Product, accounting for nearly three-quarters of the nation’s industrial research and development (R&D), two-thirds of our nation’s total exports of goods and services, and supports almost 20 million high-paying jobs.U.S. manufacturing accounts for 11.2 percent of the United States gross domestic product. 

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