Manufacturing Jobs Explode in Michigan this Summer!

According to  Chad Moutray, of the Shopfloor blog, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released regional and state employment numbers for July 2013. 

The state with the most net new manufacturing jobs was Michigan, adding 7,600 workers in the month. This should probably not be a surprise given that motor vehicles along contributed 9,100 additional employees in the national jobs numbers for July, which were released earlier in the month. In fact, without the increase in auto sector workers, manufacturing employment would have fallen for the fifth straight month.
Beyond Michigan, the other top five states with manufacturing employment gains in July were Virginia (up 3,300), California (up 2,600), Ohio (up 2,400), and Georgia (up 2,200). Over the course of the past 12 months, states with the greatest increases in manufacturing jobs year-over-year included Michigan (up 48,800), Texas (up 28,000), Indiana (up 27,700), Ohio (up 25,600), and Washington (up 18,800).

Nationally, Nevada still has the highest unemployment rate at 9.5 percent, with Illinois (9.2 percent) close behind. The lowest unemployment rate continues to be in North Dakota with 3.0 percent, with South Dakota’s 3.9 percent also well below the national average. Read more

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