Light Industrial Defined in Huron Township, Michigan

This district is established to make available resources and services essential to high quality light industrial development, including manufacturing, office/research, warehousing and distribution, and other similar light and low impact industrial uses, while also guarding against the encroachment of these uses into districts where they may be considered incompatible.  

(a) Business research, development and testing laboratories and offices.
(b) Essential services and structures of public utility companies, transmission,
distribution lines and pipelines of public utility companies, when new rights-of-way
or easements.
(c) Industrial park, subject to Section 6.26.
(d) Industrial research, development and testing laboratories and offices.
(e) Manufacturing, compounding, processing, packaging or treatment of the following
uses when conducted completely within a building, structure or an area enclosed and
screened from external visibility beyond the lot lines of the parcel upon which the
use is located:

(1) Electrical appliances, electronic instruments and devices. 
(2) Food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, hardware and cutlery.
(3) Jewelry, silverware and plated ware, metal or rubber stamps, or other small
molded products, musical instruments and parts, toys, amusement, sporting
and athletic goods, office and artists materials, notions, signs and advertising
(4) Office, computing and accounting machines. 
(5) Previously prepared materials including, but not limited to bone, canvas,
cellophane, ceramic, clay, cloth, cork, feathers, felt, fiber, fur, glass, hair,
horn, leather, paper, plastics, precious or semi-precious metals or stones, sheet
metal (excluding large stampings including, but not limited to automobile
fenders or bodies), shell, textiles, tobacco, wax, wire, wood, (excluding saw
and planing mills), and yarns. 

Manufacturing businesses are welcome in Huron Township, MI

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