Michigan Aerospace and AreoAuto Manufacturers Conference Planned in 2017

A conference is coming to town to bring together the leaders of major manufacturers and suppliers in the aerospace industry to discuss best practices, manufacturing capabilities and processes, advancements and innovations, automation and industry trends. The series will be held at The Henry Hotel in Dearborn, Michigan.

Penton’s Aviation Week Network and SpeedNews Conferences will bring to Michigan the Fifth Annual Aerospace Manufacturing Conference, on May 2-3, 2017.

Following that event, the first AeroAuto Conference, held May 4, 2017, will invite executives representing aerospace and automotive manufacturers and suppliers to explore the many synergies between the massive global aerospace and automotive manufacturing industries.

SpeedNews Conferences has a five-year history of informing aerospace manufacturing executives at the Aerospace Manufacturing Conference. Now, by adding the AeroAuto Conference, this first event will finally put leading aerospace and automotive manufacturing executives and decision makers head to head.

Michigan is home to more than 600 companies doing business in the aviation industry, and the many shared synergies and capabilities between the automotive and aerospace industries could continue to attract companies and investment to the state.

Michigan has been North America’s center for the automotive industry since motorized vehicles first appeared. And while that leadership status still stands, our network of suppliers and talent base has the potential to turn this state into a hotbed for another industry that moves people and goods from one place to another.

The agenda will cover what is really behind the hype of Internet of Things (IoT), a major theme  impacting many industry sectors including aviation; as well as big data, additive manufacturing, and how the automotive and aerospace industries can learn from each other. The Fifth Annual Aerospace Manufacturing Conference will focus on all key manufacturing aspects including components, tooling, electronics, machining, equipment, advanced materials and technological systems, engineering, and manufacturing.

Expected attendees of both events include high level executives form a variety of industries.

Attendees of the first AeroAuto Conference will discuss the current situation, key issues, enabling technologies and outlook for the aerospace and automotive manufacturing industries; vehicle light weighting; emerging developments and coping with security requirements; supply chain best practices; passenger infotainment, additive manufacturing/3-D printing and nanomaterials; vehicle health management systems and prognostics; and carbon emissions regulation.


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