What Can We Do To Stimulate Business Growth In Michigan?

The LDFA in Huron Township is actively pusuing new business to oiur area. These are a few of the ways we hope to attain our goals:

Draw In and Retain the 18-35 year old residents in our community and workforce. As the Baby Boomer generation approaches retirement rural communities will face a continuing severe workforce shortage. Young people offer new ideas, they are in both their high earning and high spending period of their lives, and are the workforce and business owners of our future. The task is to identify those who wish to stay in the community and ensure good workforce training and affordable housing. And the other priority is to attract the young people who value the quality of life for outdoor recreation and be sure to integrate them into the spend local economy..

Excite Entrepreneurs- in the past two decades over 90% of the rural job development has been the result of local entrepreneurs. The most valuable to a community are the entrepreneurs with high academic intelligence who generate good ideas and generally more than one local business.

Promote Community Contribution. Consumers have the opportunity to be the “co-producers” in our local economy. Whether it is Thinking Local First, buying local food, or shopping locally, each time a dollar is spent it has the opportunity to support local workers, businesses, and the economy. The market place is rapidly changing with global pressure and the internet. Our local businesses can contribute to the local economy and also be part of that regional or global market place. In addition, local wealth and retirement can support local businesses through investment, leases, and venture capital.

Cultivate Community Leadership. Research has shown that communities that know how to work together effectively are more capable of identifying and utilizing community assets, capturing new opportunity, moving more quickly to support industries and employers, and develop both the quality of life and vibrant economy that businesses seek.

For more information https://www.hurontwpldfa.com

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