Meet the New Wayne County, Michigan Executive

Wayne County is Michigan’s largest county. It is home to 34 cities and nine townships. From Rockwood to Livonia, from Sumpter Township to the Grosse Pointes, each community in Wayne County offers residents and businesses a unique blend of opportunity to live, work, play and raise families.

Headquartered in Detroit, the largest city and the automotive capital of the world, the Wayne County office is a region with a diversified economy and high standards for residents’ quality of life. Detroit Metropolitan Airport, which is one of the country’s highest-rated airports as well as many museums and attractions which are one of the most diverse communities that values culture, arts, and world-class amenities.

On January 1, 2015, Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans became the 4th Wayne County Executive after running on a campaign of bringing transparency, fiscal responsibility and ethical leadership to Michigan’s largest county. A public servant in Wayne County for more than four decades, Mr. Evans is a leader who has established a reputation for achieving results through efficiency, innovation, and strategic collaboration. 

The county, business and its residents look forward to a more vibrant community with the change in leadership. Welcome from Huron Township and the Local Development Finance Authority, MI. 

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