Here are a few examples of zoning in our Huron Township and Michigan area.

Michigan’s SmartZonesSM provide distinct geographical locations where technology-based firms, entrepreneurs and researchers locate in close proximity to all of the community assets that assist in their endeavors. They often include business incubator or wet laboratory space.

SmartZone technology clusters promote resource collaborations between universities, industry, research organizations, government and other community institutions, growing technology-based businesses and jobs. New and emerging businesses in SmartZone technology clusters are primarily focused on commercializing ideas, patents and other opportunities surrounding corporate, university or private research institute R&D efforts. 

Renaissance Zones are designed to provide selected communities with the most powerful market-based incentive – virtually no state or local taxes – to spur new jobs and investment. These incentives are available to any business or resident presently in a zone or moving into a zone.

Surplus State-Owned Properties. The State of Michigan has developed a central Website for surplus state-owned properties. The goal of this site is to promote awareness of state land sales and to direct interested buyers to the agencies that have excess or surplus property to sell. You will find access to land sales or auction schedules, rules for bidding, and other land sales information on their Website.

Michigan Economic Developers Association, MEDA, which also administers the Certified Business Park program, exists to advance economic development throughout Michigan, and increase the individual member’s effectiveness in the economic development profession. The association’s goal is to provide a variety of services and programs which will enhance ability and skills in economic development.

Through education, legislative updates, public relations and networking, MEDA makes it possible for economic development professionals statewide to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

Visit the MEDA Website at

Phone: 517.241.0011.

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