LDFA Reporting Requirements

Minutes of LDFA Board Meetings

Annual Budget and Audits– Coming soon

Currently adopted development and tax increment finance plan-Coming Soon

Authority staff contact: Scott Cameron

Huron Township LDFA Office Contact: 734-753-4466 Ex. 135

22950 Huron River Dr. Huron twp, MI 48164

Current Contracts-Coming Soon

LDFA District

Annual Audit- Coming soon

LDFA-Authority accomplishments-Coming soon

Projects/Investments active and completed-Coming soon

LDFA- Events/Promotional Campaigns- 2018

Pinnacle/Aerotropolis Smart Zone District

Annual Audit-Coming Soon

Pinnacle/Aerotropolis Smart Zone Accomplishments-Coming Soon

Projects/Investments active and completed-Coming soon

Pinnacle/Aerotropolis Smart Zone-Events/Promotional Campaigns- 2018

Michigan Department of Treasury Form– Coming soon