Wayne Road and Wahrman Road get Upgrades in Huron Township, MI

Wayne County has completed improvements along Eureka from I-275 west ramp to John Dingell Drive east ramp.

Wayne County Department of Public Services Engineering Division improvements are located on Eureka Road from the west ramp of I-275 to John Dingell Drive east ramp in the City of Romulus.

The improvements along the 1.7 mile stretch will included: Removing existing asphalt over concrete pavement from I-275 west ramp to Old Wahrman and replace it with new concrete.  Restoring existing concrete pavement from Old Wahrman to John Dingell east ramp.

The project estimated cost is $1.77 million. It will open soon. Wahrman Road was moved east by 600 feet and will now be called Wayne Road. South of Sibley Road, however, it will still be Wahrman Road and is located in the new LDFA 2 district for Huron Township.

Watch for project updates at www.waynecounty.com/dps.

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