LDFA Area Updates

According to law all revenue is subject to LDFA capture in LDFA districts even if it is also deemed a SMART Zone. This is how the group in Huron Township, Michigan is able to assist with installation of utilities, streets and water to continue to grow the industrial park and jobs in Huron Township. 
There are many things the Local Development Finance Authority consider when planning during the year. It may considering landscaping updates to create a more upscale approach to the district or it may be road paving options. 

In Huron Township there are three LDFAareas defined as LDFA 1, LDFA 2 and The Pinnacle Project. With the focused mindset of the LDFA committee, in the past six years the group has managed to sell or attract interested parties to purchase and set up business and manufacturing jobs to the LDFA 1 district area. 
So the group is now turning its attention to the Pinnacle Property and a new LDFA2 district that will be available after installation of water, sewers, roads and lighting off Sibley Road. For more information visit the LDFA website at www.hurontwpldfa.com.

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