Why LDFA board members care about Manufacturing

The newly elected trustees and officers for the Huron Township Local Development Finance Authority are looking for a select few manufacturing firms to relocate into the beautiful Township of Huron.

“Living in Huron Township for many years I thought about being more involved in the community. When asked to be a member of the LDFA this was my chance to give back to the Township. I liked the idea of being on a Board within the Township that can develop properties to bring business to the community and work for its residents.   Said James Fendt, LDFA Trustee.

Fendt has participated in many prior board meetings and was used in a voice over to promote properties in a YouTube video.
R.P. Lilly, LDFA Chairman said. “I enjoy being involved in the development of our community, and watching it grow. It is very satisfying to watch development happen from “the ground up”. As an example, I enjoyed my involvement in the Inergy Facility, witnessing it’s evolution from a soybean field into a Multi Million Dollar Facility employing over 500 employees.”
Lilly has served the Township of Huron for many years in various capacities and is now serving his second term as Chairman for the group.
“The LDFA is a very important tool because it promotes economic growth within our community.” Said Lilly. “The LDFA allows our Township to utilize tax increment financing to fund public infrastructure improvements which lead to new development, job creation, and increases in the Township’s tax base. Development within LDFA1 been very successful, and has resulted in the creation of over 1000 jobs.” LDFA2 has opened up additional properties this past fall. 
For more information about the LDFA board and available properties within the region visit www.hurontwpldfa.com .

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