New Huron Township Police Signage Compliments of the LDFA

DSC02463  A new police station directional sign is on the way for the Huron Township , Michigan in the LDFA1 District. The sign will be located on South Huron Road to guide newcomers to the police station which is located a block from the main South Huron street.


It will also be a means to inform citizens with helpful Township messages.


The Local Development Finance Authority will foot the bill for the new signage as in accordance to the LDFA terms funding may be used to promote the LDFA district to attract new business to the area.


The sign will light up at night to show the way to the station and display LED graphics for public safety and LDFA information.


The Local Development Finance Authority District 1 is currently established with over 800 manufacturing jobs currently and the Local Development Finance Authority 2  has recently been created and is also considered a smart zone, which will hopefully to attract even more business to the growing area.


The districts do have a lifecycle in which they collect property taxes, the LDFA1  life cycle will be extended until  2022 and LDFA2 is extended until  the year 2033.  The Local Development Finance Authority Huron Township, MI is a beacon for economic growth in the area. More information at .

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