Michigan Manufacturing: Huron Township LDFA Considers Mercier Road Options

The Huron Township Local DevelopmentFinance Authority has many decisions to make in regards to properties within the LDFA1 and LDFA2 regions. They are in charge of funding that builds infrastructure and develops new businesses to the Huron Township area.

The most recent issue has been a reoccurring question regarding Mercier Road. The properties are being surveyed once again so a decision may be made as to the future of the area. 

There are currently three options for the road and adjacent land.  The first is to continue to fix the road with gravel on as needed basis from Huron River Road to the current business located at the roads end. The second is to consider a multi-million dollar renovation project including sewer, road, a potential shell manufacturing site and infrastructure to attract potential projects.  And a third option is to create wetland mitigation to bank at the site for use in future developments.  

The LDFA captures taxes on manufacturing activity in the region and in turn uses the funding to support new or upgraded facilities or marketing in those areas.

The group is currently researching the wetland surveys and weighing it options as to where they think the best use of funds would be for the Mercier Drive Road. It is expected that the group will come to a decision later in the year on this particular issue.

For more information on the LDFA, visit the website at www.hurontwpldfa.com.  

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