Huron Township: Business Potential for LDFA2

Pauls Corporation, which has been making business plans in the Detroit market, including potential a development in Huron Township, is also involved with a Tiger Stadium project. The Tiger Stadium Partners team includes Larson Realty Group, Rossetti Architects, Jenkins Construction, Heritage Development, University of Michigan Sports Management, Stokas Bieri Real Estate, The Pauls Corporation, Fundrise and Popularize.

The project will involve the community in the following ways: a crowd financing program will allow many individuals to become investors in the project, working with Hatch Detroit and the EDC’s existing Commercial Corridor Revitalization program to promote new business. Half of the retail space will be made available at a reduced rate for local entrepreneurs. In addition to existing neighborhood meetings, will be a place to provide feedback on the project.

Decisions have been made to preserve the history of Tiger Stadium while at the same time providing for the future of the Corktown neighborhood.

It seems the Pauls Corporation, headquartered in Colorado, has a thirty year history of identifying and managing successful real estate opportunities during varied market conditions. Their success is a result of effective and timely conversion of opportunities to innovative projects that consistently provide value to investors and tenants. They also have business in Troy, MI.

The LDFA board of Huron Township recently opened the LDFA2 district which encompasses the roads of Warhman and Vining from Sibley road to Pennsylvania Road. It is the hopes of the LDFA to assist businesses relocate to the Southeastern Michigan area with support for public improvements necessary or desirable to facilitate, promote and sustain industrial development within the established districts.

In Huron Township’s Local Development Finance Authority district, the LDFA1 has contributed eight hundred manufacturing jobs in the past year and LDFA2 is considered a smart zone as well which is hopeful to attract even more new business. The Local Development Finance Authority Huron Township, MI is a beacon for economic growth in the area. More information at

LDFA2 District Map

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