Why Michigan? The motives for working, doing business and living in Huron Township, Michigan:

The LDFA of Huron Township is committed to providing the best business partnership. You asked questions, we have answers!

• Plentiful talent: Talent is the first thing we’re asked about and we have it: The University of Michigan is the No. 1 ranked Public University in North America our state produces more engineers than all but two other states, we are in the top of four states for tech workers and are a leader in advanced manufacturing. Our economy is growing so we’re seeking even more talent through initiatives like MichAgain and Global Michigan. The MEDC has made Talent and Economic Gardening two of its main missions, a mission your business can benefit from.

•Lower taxes, lower costs: Governor Rick Snyder’s new tax plan cuts or eliminates business taxes for most businesses with corporations paying a flat 6% tax, the most competitive in the Midwest and among the best in the nation.

• We create products: In Michigan we do $16.7 billion in annual industrial R&D. Our entrepreneurial and manufacturing competence is based on our history of major foundations started by Michigan business legends like Ford, Kellogg, Kresge and Mott.

• We have resources-We are surrounded by the great lakes and take advantage of water freight along with access to major rail, expressways and international airports.

For more information visit https://www.hurontwpldfa.com

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