Wayne County Edge, What is it?

Wayne County EDGE Community Development

The Community Development Division works closely with the Wayne County Land Bank in identifying property that is ideal for redevelopment. The Division also works closely with the Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program (MFPP) to help residents stay in their homes during tough economic times.

EDGE’s Community Development Division is charged with administering a variety of federally funded programs designed to help revitalize communities and spur economic activity at the neighborhood level. Among the programs administered through the Community Development Division are federal Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) funding, Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) grants, and Weatherization funds. Our philosophy is to work hand-in-hand with local governments, community nonprofits, and faith-based organizations to ensure that federal funds are spent in the most effective manner possible.

Business Incentive Programs
Wayne County’s Economic Development Growth Engine (EDGE) will assist you with your business project and connect you with the resources you need to grow your business. Please visit the EDGE Business Development page or call EDGE at (313) 224-0410. http://www.co.wayne.mi.us/business_incentives.html

Other reasons why…
Life Sciences & Biotechnology
Wayne County is Michigan’s largest health market. With several major hospitals and medical institutions, our county is an incubator for life science and biotechnology development

International Capitol of Energy ExcellenceBuilding upon our region’s excellence in engineering and manufacturing, Wayne County is a major hub of alternative energy and battery technology development. We have the capacity and the workforce to advance the green economy. Workforce

Wayne County’s innovative workforce is the backbone of our economy. Wayne County resides in a region with the highest concentration of engineers in the U.S., and they are ready to design and produce the goods of tomorrow.Choose LDFA Huron Township in Wayne County, Michigan, we have the resources for your business!

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