The Benefits of Relocating to Huron Charter Township.

Huron Charter Township is home to an opportunity for expansion, concerning both residents and businesses.  Of the 36 square miles of land within the border, much of it is available for innovation and expansion. 

The Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA)Act passed in 2000 allowed for ten parks to be developed requiring high technological development while receiving specialized state funding in local areas like Huron Township.  Manufacturing firms, agricultural processors, high technology corporations, energy producers, and business incubators would all find this type of environment attractive.  In addition, the transportation and travel opportunity is prime due to the closeness of WayneCounty Metro Detroit Airport and its access to railways and both I-275 and I-75.  

The Township is also home to three metro parks of Wayne County which all attract thousands of tourists every year.  The LDFA also allows class A water and sewage systems to be another benefit for companies that relocate to an LDFA boundary like Huron Township.  

Huron Township, Michigan provides ample land for homeowners and families, and it also includes some of the nicest homes in the southern half of Wayne County.  Another great aspect of Huron Township for its residents is the miles of interconnected bike paths that stretch across the open land.  Whether a business or a resident decides to relocate here, Huron Charter Township will provide nearly every accommodation imaginable.           

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