Restaurants Needed in Huron Township Hot Spot

Currently there are approximately 1000 employees in an area of under 5 miles who will be looking for a place to have lunch. In a growing economy While most of the companies in the LDFA of Huron Township district do have on-site cafeteria’s for employees, it seems that is just not enough for the growing area.
The Local Development Financial Authority is taking steps to encourage franchises to look at the very prime property located at 275 and South Huron Road where currently only a full service Chapp’s Gas Station is established. “We would love to see a Bob Evans or Applebee’s sit down restaurant located on one of the visible corners in our district,” said R.P. Lilly, LDFA Chairman. “We are a rural area so a family friendly franchise would fit in perfect in our community”. 
Others on the commission wish for a simple McDonald’s or fast food facility that could quickly provide service for employees with limited lunch times. “We have the space and we have the numbers, now we need a reputable franchiser to service the needs of our area, “ said LDFA trustee Colleen Lazere. “We have a couple of bar and grill’s, but there is no larger facility within a close radius to grab a quick breakfast or lunch.”
The group would love to assist potential franchisors with what they need to consider a move to the Township. Restaurants are welcome in Huron Township! For more information and available parcels visit the website or call 734-753-4466 ex. 115.

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