Prime Real Estate Opportunity In Huron Township for Manufacturers


                The opportunity to be directly in between two major Midwest markets is now available in Huron Township, Michigan. Most business owners and manufacturers have to choose between the two, but the Detroit and Toledo markets are available for anyone who’s interested in the former Pinnacle Race track property.

                Located on Vining Road, the 320 acre property sits just a half mile away from the Sibley exit off of I-275. It was updated in 2008 with a state of the art horse racing track, and that’s not even all that it has to offer.
                Along with this spectacular track, the property also features a 12,000 square foot pavilion with restaurant and bar equipment. Those in the horse racing industry that have included bars, restaurants and casinos at their location have seen a good amount of profitability, even with the slumping economy.
                Fortunately, the positives don’t stop there. There is also a new, massive paved parking lot on the premises, so one of the major costs that are typically incurred is already taken care.
                Of course with a property this large, there is a wide array of development options that could be undertaken. Some ideas that were considered previously were hotels and a golf course. If either of these two options were implemented, this could truly become a must-visit destination for anyone within the surrounding areas
               The original track was built with the idea of it being an alternative to making the trip into Detroit, and that opportunity is still there with the right planning. For anyone looking to invest in the Metro Detroit area, this is a perfect choice. For more information contact the Huron Township LDFA chairman R.P. Lilly at 

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