Mitagation will hopefully result in new LDFA area landscape

Though the concept is still in infancy stages, Wayne county and the LDFA district in Huron Township are striving for some dramatic aesthetics to grace Bell Rd this next year. 

Due to the arrival of several new manufacturing firms including Inergy and Brose in 2012, a committee was formed to pursue Belle Road enhancements. For Inergy, it should actually take care of re-planting obligations for their new site along with benefiting the entire LDFA district.  Brose Manufacturing is also considering being part of the Bell road restoration since they have shown community advocacy in many other communities by designing their facilities with outstanding curb appeal.
“By planning a more welcoming industrial park entrance on Bell Road, we are just sure to attract even more businesses that want to be part of a thriving community.” Said R.P. Lilly, Chairman of the LDFA in Huron Township. “We are hopeful that we can have all businesses along this road partake in this community project that will result in pride and a visually appealing LDFA district park like setting.”

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