MEDC- Michael Finney on Regional Development

Michael Finney, MEDC President and CEO recently spoke at a SWCRC legislative forum in Southgate. Members of the Huron Township LDFA attended to get a better understanding of what the group is doing at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to develop new ventures in Michigan.
According to Mr. Finney there are three things the group plans to develop; entrepreneurs, talent and meeting employee needs for quality of life. Likewise there were ten points we caught as the goals of the group.

1.       More and better jobs

2.       New tax system

3.       Reinvent government

4.       Reinvent Cities

5.       Enhance education

6.       Enhance environment

7.       Get a handle on healthcare

8.       Project positive

9.       Provide transparency in all actions

10.     Measure what is being done

He also noted that Governor Snyder expects these items to be done in dog years, so seven years of work within a year. Finney says the Governor backs this up by saying he is practicing what he is preaching by passing over 200 bills since January of this year. He also expects to complete these tasks with a balanced budget.

Further Finney stated, “We need to reinvent the MEDC and give entrepreneurs access to capital and making our cities attractive so the young people and their talent, stays here.” He also indicated the need for a consistency between all aspects of government and the Pure Michigan campaign he believes is the branding that will bring a consistent message about how Michigan does business. His positive and analytical approach to “Economic Gardening” (termed by a Colorado group), indicates his thought that, “If for every $100,000 in new sales equals one new employee; than the $125 million in business incentives should equal at least 125,000 new jobs.” He believes we should be known as the state that “makes things” and we certainly do that well in Huron Township!

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