Manufacturing Companies Get Creative to Attract a Younger Worker

In a recent Automotive News story by Lindsay Chappell, it was noted that General Motors Co. needs new workers and are looking for ways to attract entry level employees in the manufacturing field. 
However due to the impression that young people have of factory work, which tends to be boring,  monotonous and dirty, the company are implementing new tools of action to change minds and hopefully attract some new talent.

Some 70,000 manufacturing jobs of all types are going unfilled right now in Michigan alone for various reasons.
Some innovative factory ideas, such as Google Glass, are trying out the Internet-connected eyeglasses at its Orion Assembly plant, Orion Township, just to see where it might lead the company.
Another experiment has GM trying 3-D laser scanners to analyze and improve factory layouts. The company is also throwing together employees from different plants and different responsibilities, without rules or assignments, just to see what new ideas they might come up with.
Other firms in the Metro Detroit area are joining forces to start a road trip this fall and take the manufacturing business process to ninth graders around the state. Stay tuned for more manufacturing trends in Michigan here at the LDFA blogspot, Huron Township, a great place to live, work and play!

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