Manufacturing Comeback in Michigan Attracts US Leader and Business

President Barack Obama will be at a Ford assembly plant near Detroit this week, talking up the recovery of the auto industry and the manufacturing sector.
The president will “deliver remarks highlighting the workers in the resurgent American automotive and manufacturing sector now that the auto rescue has been completed,” says the White House schedule.

A manufacturing comeback helped us dig out of the Great Recession, but the hottest Michigan jobs are now concentrated in other sectors, including some openings for professionals in corporate cyber security.
In 2015, Michigan is expected to add 59,400 jobs, but only 10% of those new positions will come from factories, according to the University of Michigan’s annual economic forecast.
Most of the new jobs in Michigan are in swiftly emergent industries, including software development, nursing and network security.
Here are few key trends analysts and experts expect for the Michigan economy in 2015
Tourism will grow job development.
Michigan’s hospitality sector is surging. Hotels, resorts and tourist destinations, particularly in the northern part of the state, are flourishing. The leisure and hospitality sector is expected to add about 9,000 jobs in 2015, according to the U-M forecast.
Gas prices will encourage additional spending and jobs.
With gas prices below $2 a gallon at some stations, consumer confidence is high, and that’s great news for businesses. The Detroit Three automakers, whose product portfolios are still weighted more heavily toward highly profitable bigger vehicles, are expected to benefit as shoppers rush to the showroom.
The temporary staffing sector will continue to grow.
Temporary jobs and contract positions have already seen a rise in usage within the manufacturing industry.

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