LDFA Hoping For A Load One Development Soon

John Elliott, CEO and President of Load One Transportation and his group are planning a development in the Huron Township, MI. LDFA Pinnacle Area. They seem to have the same mind set of other companies that have also been attracted to the Township.
Already plans are in the works to make the logistics facility aesthetically pleasing to both expressway visibility and the neighboring community. They recently presented their design concept to the LDFA of Board Members.

“We want to make sure the property does not look like your typical ‘trucking company’.” CEO, John Elliott described.”We are designing a contemporary office with employee space that our staff and the community will be proud to work and visit.”
The company is very high tech in all aspects of the transportation industry. They actively recruit the best and brightest in logistics management from Michigan Universities. Most of the company positions are white collar occupations at the facility currently located in Taylor.

Huron Township and their LDFA has its sights on quality operations for the area. Proven by the likes of Inergy and Brose, who not only have developed their business in Huron Township, but continue to give back to the community.
 “We have a strong sense of ethics and corporate stewardship to the community.”  Indicated CEO Elliott. “We give back and support a number of charities in our community ranging from food banks, to the Toys for Tots program.

“This is just the kind of corporate citizen with a vision that we are growing with in Huron Township,” commented R.P. Lilly LDFA Chariman, “We are looking forward to developing another great facility in our township and building another strong business relationship.”

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