INERGY Automotive Systems Facility Is Taking Shape.

After the topping out ceremony last month, which commemorates the last beam placed at the top of a building construction, the Inergy project in Huron Township has continued to pursue enclosing the facility. The rapid production has been assisted by the mild winter Southeastern Michigan has enjoyed so far.

Much of the project now takes place indoors and with continual inspection and safety as a priority. With between 150-200 workers per day, the coordination of tasks is beautifully choreographed. Daily reviews of each area within the building are discussed and managed by using a 3-dimensional model.

Foundations for the machines which will be responsible for building 1.3 – 1.4 million fuel systems a year in this new facility, are currently being laid, with over 20 truckloads of concrete being required for each foundation. The machines will be placed individually. The first one is enroute from Germany and installation is expected to begin in March.

Construction to date has included hundreds of truckloads of concrete. Work is now beginning to pour the concrete floor in the administration building, followed by the rest of the factory interior. The admin space will provide offices for about forty staff. Natural gas lines are being installed and will replace the propane gas that was being used temporarily. Foundations are being set for the water cooling system, the silos for storage of plastic pellets, and while DTE/Michcon is installing the power feed to the substation, the railroad access has been started. The railroad ties have been delivered and the path is mapped out. Fencing is going in around the entire property. The evergreen tree from the topping out ceremony was planted at the temporary entrance. It will be part of the permanent landscape once the building is complete.

All is proceeding well with the new Inergy facility in Huron Township. For more information about Huron Township manufacturing properties visit the web site .

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