INERGY Automotive Systems Facility Is Now Running Partial Lines

Huron Township, MI, July 10, 2013 –INERGY is the global leading tier one supplier of fuel systems and emission control systems. Their mission is to develop and deliver all fuel system functions from the cap to the engine. Their global footprint allows them to supply their customers everywhere in the world.
The manufacturing firm is settling into its new facility on Burelle Avenue in Huron Township’s LDFA district. Since its foundation was laid in 2011, the team has coordinated efforts with contractors, community and government to build a cutting edge modern practice.  Currently it is up and running partial lines as they continue to transfer their business from Milan, Michigan.

“The most exciting thing about this move for our firm is that our employees are very energized with the updated processes and the flow in our new plant.” said Randy Johnston, manager at Inergy Automotive Systems.  This brand new fuel system manufacturing property has all the latest in automotive technology as well as being aesthetically pleasing in a worker friendly environment.
Their employees have embraced the community as well, “Recently a group of team members and mangers painted the Huron Township historical museum and also erected a Flag Pole for the historical school house,” said office manager Judy Parish. “Our team loves to work for the good of all and the flag pole will be our symbol of commitment and tribute to Huron Township.”
Currently about 130 employees are working on site. Once all lines are installed and the building is completed, about 300 employees will be working on the premise.
“There are many other opportunities within this LDFA district,” said Huron Township LDFA Chairman, R.P. Lilly. “A light manufacturer supplier or components operation would make a suitable neighbor for Inergy and they could move in quickly in nearby properties that are up for sale.” The LDFA helps companies through many aspects of new development processes.
Some finishing touches that Inergy has completed include the planting of over 7 acres with five hundred new trees, along with installing a bridge and walking path for employees to enjoy on the vast grounds.  Entrance landscaping, a pond fountain and new company sign will complete the design as the group looks forward to a ribbon cutting ceremony this October.

Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy has a production base in North America, including plants in Adrian Michigan, Anderson South Carolina, Pueblo Mexico, North America and Ramos Mexico.  The company primarily supplies Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Nissan and Chrysler.  For more information about Huron Township manufacturing properties visit the web site

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