How can the Downriver Community Conference Help Your Business?

Economic Development is the process by which local people build organizations and partnerships that interconnect to provide growth in the business community, education, health, housing, and the environment.

The LDFA in Huron Township, partners with various organizations that help us expand business. The Downriver Community Conference is a great source for relocation and new business resources.

The Downriver Community Conference, Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) assists firms in conducting business with Federal, State & local governments, either directly or as a subcontractor. If you are considering a new venture or relocation you may want to check with the DCC for further assistance.

Services The DCC Provides:
• Organization Analysis
• Contract Administration Research & Registrations
• Proposal Preparation & Submission
• Bid Matching
• Awards, Debriefs & Protesting
• Marketing & Networking

They can also assist with small business loans and they can help you find qualified employees .

For more information about the DCC check their web site

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