Business Recycles in Huron Township

The Michigan Recycling Coalition began as informal meeting group of recycling coordinators just beginning to address recycling interests in communities in progressive pockets of Michigan.  For more than thirty two years, the Coalition has united public and private stakeholders in the recycling industry by providing educational opportunities through an annual conference, workshops and training to build consensus around and lead critical issues in the growing industry.


The MRC has a close working relationship with the DEQ and has developed that relationship over time.  In the 2011 State of Recycling: A Way Forward,  the MRC sought to identify the value of recycling to the state’s economy and environment and also the leadership role the DEQ needs to take to allow the state’s residents and businesses to take advantage of the opportunities.


Local business can get involved. The real challenge is making sure that everyone has access to convenient recycling opportunities and then motivating them to actually participate in those programs…making it a habit. We need to start to align recycling programs to make it easy for all of us to participate in programs where we live.  Any community can be a recycling community, there is no city limit.  The campaign is a reminder and a proclamation. “We recycle here, ” should be stated in every participating business.


Michigan businesses stand to benefit from recycling in a number of ways. They can decrease their disposal costs by diverting materials to recycling programs, if they produce high volumes of recyclables they can make money on the sale of those recyclable commodities. By providing opportunities to recycle, they are they are communicating to employees and customers that they care, it’s good for company perception, and in turn, good for the bottom line.


Perhaps most importantly they are contributing to a recycled commodity stream that more manufacturers are turning to for inclusion in new products with less impact on the environment.


Investing in recycling not only represents opportunity for Michigan’s economy, but can help sustain a healthy environment for years to come.


In Huron Township’s  LDFA district (Local Development Finance Authority), manufacturing businesses take advantage of recycling in every aspect of their processes and many use recycled products as a revenue steam that makes sense for their bottom line as well.


Recommunity is the newly revamped commercial  recycling firm, located in the LDFA district.  The single stream program , unlike previous (dual-stream) recycling methods, where separating individual materials was required. Single-stream technology does not require home owners, businesses and schools to separate individual recyclables (paper, glass, aluminum and plastics) from another into separate bins. Now all recyclables can be placed in single, larger rolling bins. This reduces everyone’s time, increases recycling and community participation.


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