Michigan is recognized as the engineering and design center, or the “brains,” of the worldwide auto industry. That is why the world’s most innovative corporations, including every major vehicle-related manufacturer and supplier, have established tech centers here–more than anywhere else in North America. Meanwhile, as auto production continues to contract, the state’s economy is making the transition to a more diversified and resilient industrial base. Companies are finding opportunity in the production of everything from medical devices to military hardware and increasingly alternative energy technologies. With nearly 15,000 manufacturing establishments in the state, Michigan’s high-quality engineering and skilled manufacturing continue to attract employers in emerging 21st Century industries.

We look forward to developing a partnership with your company to make Michigan your next business address. We believe the combination of our competitive business climate, outstanding workforce, local support and available incentives will give your company the Upper Hand.

Michigan’s advanced manufacturing strengths include:
•#1 state for vehicle-related R&D – spending $11.8 billion annually
•#4 in the nation in research intensity (ratio of expenditures to gross state product)
•#4 in the nation for engineering graduates
•Industrial and research assets at 360 research sites focused on industrial technology
•Home to 47 of the top 50 global automotive suppliers

Huron Township, MI Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA) can help!

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