Huron Township Linked Trails

The Downriver Linked Greenways Initiative is a regional non-motorized pathway vision for the Downriver region of Southeast Michigan. It is envisioned that this regional pathway system will connect the 21 Downriver communities, Wayne and Monroe Counties through a network of trails and greenways, and will feed and link into a rapidly forming regional and statewide system of greenways. The effort to produce a coordinated, functioning, non-motorized system is an essential factor in the quality of life for the Downriver communities.

The very nature of the regional system in terms of environment and limited interaction with vehicles provides a network that can service a wide variety of user types and abilities. The system consists of four primary segments: North-South Connector, HCMA/East-West Connector, I-275 Trail System and Monroe/Lake Erie Trails. In addition to these four primary segments, the Downriver Linked Greenways will make connections north to the city of Detroit along the Detroit River, west along the Rouge Gateway Greenway and Hines Parkway leading to Ann Arbor, and along adjacent waterways through the Detroit Heritage River Water Trail, thereby connecting the local parks to the emerging regional and statewide network.

Huron Township is very excited to be a part of this linked iniative for quality of life Downriver.

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