What Is A Certified Business Park?

The Certified Business Park (CBP) Program is a revamp of the certified Industrial Park (CIP) program as defined in the Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA) Act. It is a voluntary program and currently includes 60 parks throughout the state of Michigan.
Why does that make a difference to your developers and communities?
Because it is used as a marketing tool to attract new businesses to the area. MEDA builds and maintains Web pages for each individual park and program based on the information that the parks provide. Prospective clients can take occupancy without delays.

Eligible developments must have a set of protective covenants in place that address:
• Compatible zoning uses
• Landscaping
• Parking
• Type and style of building and building materials
• Screened outdoor storage
• Location of loading docks
• Setback specifications
• Sign control
• Continuous management of park by municipality major property owners within the park or developer of the park.

There is no minimum acreage requirement. Local zoning and protective covenant will define those uses allowed. Any development that meets these criteria is eligible for certification. All parks are reviewed every three years to ensure maintenance of all guidelines.

Currently the Huron Township LDFA is applying for a Certified Business Park program for its LDFA properties. It should be processed by 2011. For more information contact the LDFA https://www.hurontwpldfa.com , email jrattray@hurontownship-mi.gov or Joan Rattray at the Huron Township offices 734-753-4466 ex. 115.

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