MEDQ Pollution Prevention in Michigan

The Department of Environmental Quality brings aid to the public, institutions, and businesses to save money and better the environment as a result of adopting the three “R’s”: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! The Huron Township LDFA works in partnership with the MEDQ when welcoming new business to the Michigan Township.

The MEDQ is also known as pollution prevention, as this non-regulatory assistance program provides technical assistance, information, as well as financial incentives in order to fight and reduce pollution.

The MEDQ department brings about a diverse group of services and programs to the community. These services and programs encourage businesses, institutions, and government agencies to strive for the prevention of pollution. Under partnerships, the organizations’ staff works closely with industrial sectors in order to provide customized assistance, as well as publicly acknowledge active facilities for their achievements.

The Department of Environmental Quality provides financial and technological services to help businesses with putting into action and identifying the process efficiencies and alternatives to using hazardous materials; some of which includes free, confidential on-site assistance.

This on-site assistance is available to businesses that employ less than 500 workers. Businesses may also be eligible for technology demonstration grants, low interest loans, and student interns. Case studies and fact sheets offer education on the application of these techniques to push energy efficiency, chemical reduction, water conservation, and recycling and are available on the website.

Field staffs of this organization are stationed at local DEQ district offices, as they work alongside with trade and professional associations, local businesses, county health departments and DEQs regulatory staff to offer aid at the local level.

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