What is the LDFA?

Check out our LDFA You Tube video explaining what the Local Development Finance Authority is all about.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc5WamBPa0E&list=UUps0j2UPfTJnGKu_3xii0iQ.

Why should your company be located in a LDFA boundary? Access to low interest rates for fixed asset purchasing and capital financing. Class A Sewer and Water, Surface roads already placed in some parts of the LDFA.

Companies that should apply: Manufacturing, Agricultural Processing, High Technology Corporations (SmartZones), Energy Production and Business Incubators.


Huron Township LDFA is home to many successful manufacturing businesses with space to grow new companies! Call R.P. Lilly, chairman  for more information 517-375-1624. 

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