What Is “Michigan Get Your Business Online”?

“Michigan Get Your Business Online” is a Google-led program dedicated to helping to drive economic growth by providing Michigan local businesses the tools and resources to get online and succeed. They will provide a free easy to build webs site through intuit, free domain, one year free hosting and free on-line tools and training. Most business can easy spend upwards of $1000 for all of these services.

Why Is Google Doing This?
Small businesses are vital to America’s economic future; the nation’s 27.5M small businesses comprise half the US GDP and create two-thirds of all new jobs. While 97% of Americans look online for local products and services, 63% of American small businesses do not have a website or online presence. That’s a lot of small businesses that are virtually invisible to potential customers looking online. They are even holding training sessions in Michigan to help get you started!

Michigan Get Your Business Online:

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