Vantage Port Region Lands Major SE MI Investment

vantage port

Michigan VantagePort (Detroit Region Aerotropolis) announced that Pauls Real Estate Investments of Denver, CO is developing a 16-parcel, 134 acre industrial/office/commercial park in Huron Charter Township.

The Paul’s Group will make a multimillion-dollar capital investment, creating hundreds of new jobs over the next four years. “This exciting project demonstrates the economic promise VantagePort offers, “ said David Scurito, Operations Director of VantagePort.“By coordinating with local officials, we are able to help meet the needs of the Pauls group and other partners, and help create opportunities, jobs and growth for southeast Michigan.”

The proposed project will meet the Master Plan and zoning criteria for Huron Township, and will be designed with significant landscaping, design features and uniformity. Its proximity to the freeways and the airports make it ideal for international and national firms. Once commenced, the project will help spur secondary commercial development around the Sibley Road/I-275 interchange, including hotels and restaurants. For years, Wayne County has planned for just this type of project. Local officials have invested in significant roads, water, and sewer upgrades capable of supporting strong investment and growth. It was through the work of Huron Township, Supervisor David Glaab and their Community Development Department that secured this new development in the VantagePort region. Their tireless work to spur the economic growth in their community has clearly paid off.” Huron Township is a charter member of VantagePort.

With Vantage Port assistance for this region , they have acees to current site listings, rapid response for business answers and streamlined government site plan approval process Special tax and other incentives are available under the Next Michigan Development Corporation Act, to assist logistic-based companies to locate in the region. Huron Township LDFA will also be part of the infrastructure assisatnce for this project as it is included in the newly established LDFA2 region.

Partners: Business Leaders for Michigan include ▪ DTE Energy ▪ City of Belleville ▪ City of Romulus ▪ City of Taylor ▪ City of Ypsilanti ▪ Huron Charter Township ▪ Van Buren Charter Township ▪ Ypsilanti Charter Township ▪ Washtenaw County ▪ Wayne County ▪ Wayne County Airport Authority

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