Road Excavating Process

There is a road repaving process the LDFA of Huron Township is considering for their next project on Mercier road. A FDR is a Full depth reclamation and soil stabilization process which is also great for the environment.  

10 Mile Creek Excavating company specifically re-uses existing materials so there is less trucking of materials to the site and less removal of waste from site. It is also guaranteed to last. This process is LEED certified for up to 20” of depth. 
The process starts with the pulverization of the site where existing pavement is crushed to sand like particles and then the material is mixed with either cement, foam asphalt, fly ash or lime depending on the project, area and desired results. 
Besides being very environmentally friendly it is also very quick, with just a day or in some cases, hours before complete stability of the road is completed. This group can do about 14,000 square feet of new road a day from start to finish with about a 40% cost savings over regular construction. 
The LDFA of Huron Township will make its decision in 2013 if funding is available for re-paving of Mercier road.More information about the LDFA Huron Township Michigan visit

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