Planned Unit Development in Huron Township, MI. LDFA District

The LDFA district has established the PUD district to permit greater flexibility and consequently more creative design of various types of development than are possible under conventional zoning regulations. It is the intention of the associated provisions to allow flexible land use composition and design without sacrificing the basic principles of sound zoning practice. 

The basic zoning districts and their permitted uses as established in this Ordinance will form the land use base for designing a combination of uses permitted in each district in the form of clustering principal uses and activities at a higher density than would otherwise be possible under the respective district regulations on a preferred portion of a parcel while maintaining the overall density of development of the parcels consistent with the district regulations for relocation and new manufacturing industry development. 

Another option would be to combine the planning of land uses and activities from several districts as one project on the same clustering principle. This designation is intended to permit flexible land use composition and site layout in exchange  for higher quality design and incorporation of low impact development guidelines. More specifically, the zoning district regulations encourage: 1) Mixed use environment; 2) Pedestrian interconnectivity, shared parking, and access; 3) Multiple story buildings; 4) High quality
building materials; 5) Extensive landscaping that ties into the existing natural environment and provides extensive perimeter screening; 6) Uniformity as it relates to signage and lighting; and 7) Creation of an attractive gateway into the Township.

The Planned Unit Development (PUD) District is intended to permit flexibility in the
application of zoning standards and requirements where it can be demonstrated that the intent set forth in Section 8.01 and criteria set forth in Section 8.02 can be achieved through the use of PUD regulations. 

This Article is also intended to ensure the use of land in a manner that encourages the preservation of rural character and large areas of open space, protects valuable natural resources of the Township as identified in documents including, but not limited to the Township Master Plan and Natural Features Inventory, enhances ecological functions, and permits development that is enhanced by the inclusion of open space and active and/or passive recreation planned as an accessory part of the development.
Specifically, the PUD District regulations set forth herein are intended to achieve the
following purposes:
(a) Encourage innovation in land use and excellence in design, layout, and type of structures
constructed through the flexible application of land development regulations;
(b) Achieve economy and efficiency in the use of land, natural resources, energy and the
provision of public services and utilities;
(c) Encourage the provision of open space for active and passive use;
(d) Emphasize a planning approach which identifies and integrates natural resources and
features in the overall site design concept;
(e) Provide adequate housing, employment and shopping opportunities particularly suited to
the needs of the residents of the Township; and
(f) Incorporate design elements that unify the site through landscaping, lighting, coordinated
signage, and pedestrian walks and pathways.
(g) Encourage the use, reuse and improvement of existing sites and buildings when

developed in a compatible manner with surrounding uses.

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