Oakwood provides funds for portable EKG units in Huron Township

Troy Adamen (left), director of emergency, respiratory and laboratory services at Oakwood Southshore Medical Center (OSMC), presents a check to Huron Township Fire Chief Edwin Gillman.
Oakwood Healthcare and the Oakwood Foundation are continuing their effort to reach out to the community to help save lives.
The foundation donated nearly $20,000 recently to the Huron Township Fire Department to purchase two Physio Control Life Pak 15 Monitor/Defibrilators. The portable EKG machines allow the transmission of 12 lead EKGs from the field directly to the physician in the Emergency Room, which dramatically decreases treatment times for heart attack victims.

“Having this equipment out in the communities—especially those where transportation time to an appropriately equipped Emergency Room is longer—saves valuable time when minutes really can make the difference between life and death,” said Troy Adamen, director of emergency, respiratory and laboratory services at Oakwood Southshore Medical Center (OSMC).
Oakwood has helped purchase a dozen of the units for municipalities like Dearborn and Dearborn Heights as well as throughout the area serviced by OSMC, which is the only certified Level II Trauma Center between I-94 and Toledo, OH.
Huron Township Fire Chief Edwin Gillman said the funds were important for his department because the units are expensive, costing about $35,000 each.
“Without these funds we would not be able to purchase these units,” he said.
The Huron Township Fire Department will now have the units in two of its three ambulances, which will help paramedics provide better service to the community.
“We usually have to transport patients more than 20 miles to the nearest hospital,” said Gillman. “That might not seem like a long distance, but these are all back roads. With all the railroad tracks and construction in between, this gift will go a long way in serving the health of our community and it will help save lives.”

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