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Michigan Manufacturing Business in Huron Tonnship

Michigan Manufacturing Business in Huron Tonnship

The entire supply chain ecosystem,  encompassing manufacturers, distributors and retailers,  is undergoing a business transformation. This is in response to changing dynamics involving shifting consumer expectations, time to market and intense global competition that is being dictated by the rising Internet and mobile economies.

Stakeholders throughout the supply chain have no choice but to adjust their business models to meet consumer demand and increase profits. However, technology is helping businesses stay relevant in these changing times.

Advances in technology , coupled with changing labor demographics  are proving to be shaping this new business model. To remain economically viable, retailers must sell products faster and at competitive prices which sends a ripple effect down the supply chain. For example, manufacturers must accelerate production cycles and distributors must shorten delivery times.

A manufacturing comeback is being driven by SMAC  which stands for social, mobile, analytics and cloud. The SMAC Stack is becoming an essential technology tool kit for enterprises and represents the next wave for driving higher customer engagement and growth opportunities.

Social media is forcing manufacturers to become more customer-centric. The traditional business-to-business model is becoming outdated because today’s connected consumers are better informed and expect products on-demand. Consumers compare, select or buy multiple products with a tap of their smartphone or tablet, and social media has become their preferred communication platform. This consumer purchasing style is not only having an impact on brand-oriented value chains, but is transforming traditional Business to Business to Business to Business Social Media models.

The good news is that a renewed focus on science and engineering education is cultivating a manufacturing workforce that can manage highly technical systems and allow for greater automation. This frees up employees to put their talents to work on Research and development which is helping to redefine what it means to have a career in manufacturing. In addition, it allows for condition-based maintenance which is driving efficiencies as businesses save on labor and service costs.

Businesses in Huron Township, Michigan are making these changes slowly and growing within the LDFA district.


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