Michigan’s Score Card

A scorecard is:
•A management tool for monitoring the performance of an organization and evaluating opportunities
•A set of few vital and balanced measures that reflect the ultimate value the organization delivers
•A group of key outcomes that can be controlled or directly influenced by the organization
•Not a dashboard that provides a broader status of the environment that the scorecard operates in*

* e.g., statewide unemployment rate (dashboard) vs. jobs committed as a result of MEDC-managed programs (scorecard)

Provided by the MEDC, here is the Governor Snyder’s score card.

In Huron Township, we believe in measurable results for businesses who work with us within our LDFA property district. Contact us if we may help with relocating to Michigan or for a personal property availability tour. jrattray@hurontownship-mi.gov or 734-753-4466 ex. 115

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