Michigan Manufacturing Facts


 Michigan is home to plastics manufacturers and establishments marketing, support and captive activities that directly employ 57,300 people. Nationally Michigan is ranked 4th in plastics industry employment. It is also home to a number of plastics dependent industries that use plastics to make various products. Many firms in the Local Development Finance Authority district of Huron Township, MI. use plastics in their processes.

        A Few Facts on the Plastics Industry The plastics industry is the third largest manufacturing industry in the United States The U.S. plastics industry employs more than 876 thousand Just one manufacturing job supports five other U.S. jobs. he U.S. plastics industry creates more than $341 billion in annual shipments When suppliers to the plastics industry are considered, there are 1.4 million workers  and total shipments grow to $417  billion Manufacturing firms perform approximately 70 percent of U.S. industry research and development.

       There are more than 16,632 plastics facilities in the United States The U.S. plastics industry had a $16.2 billion trade surplus in 2010 The plastics industry has a presence in every state. 

        From 1980 to 2010, U.S. plastics industry shipments have grown at a 2.4 percent annual rate From 1980 to 2010, productivity in plastics manufacturing has grown 2.3 percent per year, which is better than the 1.9 percent per year productivity growth for manufacturing. As a whole, manufactured exports support 28 percent of Michigan’s manufacturing jobs.

        Since 2003, Michigan manufacturing exports rose five times as fast as the state’s overall economy. 90 percent of Michigan exporters are small businesses (2009). Michigan exported $28.2 billion of manufactured goods to Free Trade Agreement (FTA) partner countries in 2010—68 percent of Michigan’s total.Manufactured exports support 28 percent of Michigan’s manufacturing jobs (U.S. average is 22 percent).

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