Michigan Manufacturers Association Congratulates Efforts on Curriculum Legislation

In a recent press release, The Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) praised the House Education Committee for its action on legislation designed to grant students the opportunity to experience hands-on and project-based learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

HB 4465 (Representative Ed McBroom, R-Vulcan) and HB 4466 (Representative Joel Johnson, R-Clare) were approved by the committee today.  These bills create flexible options within the Michigan Merit Curriculum to allow students the opportunities necessary to explore career and vocational training education options. With these methods of learning available, more students may achieve a high school diploma that is applicable and relevant to the jobs and careers of the 21st Century.

Manufacturing remains the driving force behind Michigan’s economic recovery. Michigan has seen tremendous growth in manufacturingjobs. The sector saw 11 percent job growth between 2009 and 2011, a rate nearly four times higher than that of overall job growth. With production increases across the industry and an aging workforce preparing to retire, it is essential that we strive to fill the state’s 7,000 manufacturing job vacancies.

“This legislation presents students with additional options and creates practical solutions to problems we face today and in years to come,” said MMA Director of Human Resource Policy Delaney McKinley. “Advanced manufacturing careers offer above-average pay, great benefits and unlimited opportunities for growth. We believe this legislation is crucial for allowing students the chance to discover all the career possibilities available to them.”

The LDFA of Huron Township, MI.  is dedicated to bringing additional manufacturing business to its region. Recently the Huron Township High school was accreditted with being the top 5% of emerging schools in the state. 

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