Michigan Business Forecast: According to Business Leaders

  Business Leaders for Michigan http://www.businessleadersformichigan.com , the state’s business roundtable, projects that both the Michigan and U.S. economies will continue to grow through the next six to eighteen months.  The forecast is reinforced by nearly half of the state’s largest employers projecting that they plan to increase hiring or make new investments in Michigan this year. 

Doug Rothwell, Business Leaders of Michigan President and CEO said, “Michigan’s largest employers reported much stronger confidence in Michigan’s and the U.S. economy since the third quarter forecast. The national outlook has improved for a variety of reasons – lower energy prices, good job numbers and America’s relative economic strength compared to other regions.  In Michigan, the November election results had a positive impact on the future outlook.  What’s interesting is that this is the first time in nearly three years that the outlook for the national and state economies are nearly the same.”

Sixty percent of business leaders believe both the Michigan and U.S. economies will grow in the short-term, the next six months.  None believe that either economy will be worse.

The Huron Township LDFA commission seems to agree as the group has established a second LDFA region and are currently planning on  marketing the properties to manufacturing, technologies and other businesses to relocate into the Huron Township area.

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