Metro Detroit and Huron Township Flex Space and Warehouse Space is Compared in LDFA Manufacturing Districts

In the Metro Detroit area versus the Huron Township LDFA District, rental rates for Warehouse space and Flex space differ by almost 100%.
Flex space which is part office space and part warehouse space runs about $8 per square foot while Warehouse space alone runs about $4.71 a square foot in Metro Detroit.

 In Huron Township the market is more flexible currently running $4.31 square foot on Flex  space and $4.00 square foot on Warehouse space.  
There are many options for buildable land in the Local DevelopmentFinance Authority District 2, a new development area that was recently opened for business at Wahrman Road between Sibley and Pennsylvania with close proximity to I-275.
In Wayne County, some land purchase deals this year have closed at a mere $1 per acre.
The Huron Township  Local Development Finance Authority 1, was established  to provide for
those public improvements necessary or desirable to facilitate, promote and sustain
industrial development within the established district of the Local Development Finance Authority of Huron Township
. Limited land is still available in that region.
 Both LDFA’s 1 and 2 have the ability to assist manufacturing companies relocate, build and create sewer, power and roads within its boundaries along with access to benefits from established Smart Zones within the area.
The board of Trustees for the LDFA Huron Township have been instrumental in attracting Inergy, Brose and most recently Load One to its district with much assistance in LDFA benefits. To find out how to relocate with help to the  Huron Township, Michigan area visit .

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